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Engine Modifications
Here is a list of the New Engine modifications;

Engine Mods;
   Crower Steel 5.4" Racing connecting rods
   Factory Cylinder block, Crankshaft, Oil pan and Oiling system
   Block has been fully race prepped, machined to accept 4 bolt splayed
   main caps, Deck squared, torque plate bore and honed, blueprinted
   Crower solid roller Camshaft
   Venolia Super light pistons, custom fit for the longer than stock rods
   Rotating assembly, along with harmonic balancer, flywheel and clutch
   pressure plateh CNC balanced
   TFS cylinder heads, CNC ported, flow tested and matched to Edelbrock
   Victor 5.0L upper intake
   11.4 compression ratio
   Factory cooling system, radiator, hoses, etc.
   March Ram Air system
   Under drive pulleys
   Engine work done by Craig Performance Machine, Walla Walla, WA