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Rollcage Pictures
Here is picture of the rollcage that we installed this last spring and summer of 1999. I purchased the roll cage as a kit from Art Morrison Ent. It was a nice looking set of bars when it showed up, but none of the bars were cut to size or for that matter they weren't even notched to accept the adjoining bar(s). That is what took so long to do! My dad and I were responsible for fabricating the bars to fit me in the car along with NHRA rules and regs. A very good friend of the family named Robert Grillo did all the TIG welding to tie the bars together. Extra time was spent to save the factory look as much as possible. All of the factory panels, dash and seats were not harmed, nor modified. The only modification that was performed was that the carpet had to be trimmed. The rear bars go through the rear package tray instead of where the seat is. Alot of extra work but it was well worth it!! Very good job Robert!!

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